Ona Speed Glove Pairs

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WAS $119.99

The Ona Speed polo glove continues the standard in product leadership, innovation in design and outstanding performance. 

Made in Atomic textured leather, the Ona Speed polo glove delivers enhanced grip providing a soft and lightweight feel.  

Dexterity is built into patterning and a redesigned performance mesh gives a more tailored and comfortable fit allowing flexibility and total freedom of movement. 

 The leather caps and finger gussets on the right hand reduce finger roll. On the left hand the additional reinforced leather gussets reduce friction from the reins, allowing also a firm control. The knuckle gussets on index and little finger provide additional flexibility.  

Featuring air vent holes perforated in the leather and microfibre finger gussets which promote moisture control and breathability.   

Adopting our trademark “inverse closure mechanism” a new wider cuff and adjustable wrist strap offer a secure closure and act as a wristband stabiliser.  

With durability in mind, the double stitching construction and use of technical materials both quick dry and with moisture wicking properties, the Ona Speed glove is hard wearing and provides outstanding all-round performance.