Tory Martingale Dog Collar

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Can have name tag discs put on.

The Martingale Collar is constructed with two loops - one around the dog’s neck and one connecting the two dee rings on the main collar. The collar is to be fastened so that it is comfortable for the dog. When the leash is fastened to the dee ring on the small loop, pressure will be applied to the dog’s neck when it pulls or tries to escape the collar. This collar can be a great training tool as it is more corrective than a plain collar but not as harsh as a choke chain or other types of control collars. THE 1” WIDE LEATHER OFFERS A WIDER AREA OF PRESSURE THAN A NARROW COLLAR MAKING IT LESS LIKELY TO DAMAGE THE DOG’S NECK. Name tag discs can be ordered on our website and put on collar.

Recommended Nameplate: Small or Large Disc

The collar size is 2” larger than the neck size. Example: 14” Neck uses a 16” Collar