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Concentrated and dynamic, Assure Plus offers a custom solution to equine digestive health problems in an effective, pelleted psyllium supplement.

Does your horse suffer from chronic digestive issues? Poor performance and overall health? Sand accumulation? Assure Plus is the answer.

Anywhere from 60 to 70 percent of a horse’s immune function comes from digestive health. High-grade psyllium combined with a routine maintenance program improves GI motility through conditioning for optimal digestive tract function.


(common) MYTH: All psyllium works the same - it pulls sand from the gut.

This is false! The truth is psyllium is a powerful ingredient that offers many benefits in addition to sand removal. But it takes the right kind of psyllium to get the job done.

Psyllium in its original, flake form has a strong water binding action that creates a soothing, gel-like consistency in the GI tract. This promotes optimal function, mucosal healing and has been proven to lower blood glucose and insulin concentrations, all of which benefit your horse. Good GI motility is necessary to help horses quickly evacuate large quantities of sand.

Most psyllium processing methods strip the psyllium of these benefits. Our unique pelleting process ensures our psyllium retains its ability to function exactly as it should for maximum health benefits.

Arenus is proud to offer Assure Plus as a concentrated psyllium boost for your horse’s digestive health program.