How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo

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How to Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo takes a very modern approach to the traditional game of polo. The author, Steve Thompson, is a veteran polo instructor and professional player with over twenty years of teaching experience across the globe. This book is a culmination of his teaching and playing experience over two decades in the sport. More than just a technical 'how-to' guide, it provides everything you need to go from zero to hero on the polo field, and more importantly - make sure you look cool whilst doing it!

Followed correctly, this book can save a lot of pain, frustration and a significant amount of cash by teaching an aspiring player how to function correctly from te very start. Becoming a polo player is just like building a house: only when there is a true and soild foundation can you begin a layer the storeys on top.

 - Definitive guide to learning polo

 - Highly entertaining and immensely informative

 - Strips away the intimidation of polo and replaces with light-hearted fun, and all in a factual, technical approach

 - Designed to take the complete beginner to polo through all the stages necessary to become an effective team player