Chill Ultra 60cc Tube

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Polygonum Multiflori
Calms the spirit
Albizia Kalkora
Calms and reduces anxiety
Zizyphus Jujube
Calms the spirit
Biota Orientalis
Reduces stress
Triticum aestivum
Polygala tenufolia
vitamin B1
Magnesium Sulphate

Chill Ultra was developed in 2012 to fill a demand for a travel-easy tube
version of our top selling calmer, 'Chill'.

Chill Ultra is a slightly different formula with the addition of Vitamin B1
and Magnesium for mind and body.

Chill Ultra is recommended to reduce excitement and enable focus in the
show ring, travelling, weaning or separation anxieties. It is helpful for
horses with behavioural problems without having a dull or sleepy effect
on performance.

Chill Ultra comes in a handy 60ml tube.
You give Chill Ultra one hour before the expected stress, excitement or anxiety.

Amount may vary, a higher amount may be needed initially and as the horse
becomes adjusted to it's new behaviour, the amount can be lowered.

Chill Ultra is all natural and safe.

Chill Ultra does not test in competition.

Not recommended for mares in foal