Size Conversion Chart

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Step 1: Measure your horse to find the right size.

There are 2 ways to measure your horse:

a. Chest to Tail - from the centre of the chest to the furthest rear point of the rump measuring along the side of the horse.

b. Wither to Tail - measuring straight from top of wither to top of tail.

Refer to the Universal Size Chart below to determine the right size rug/blanket based on your horse's measurement (measurement of horse is listed in cm under Euro as 'option a'/'option b' ).

Step 2: Check that your rug/blanket fits.

Your horse's rug/blanket fits when the chest closure is secured on approximately the middle adjustment and the top of the tail flap falls at the top of the tail.

Step 3: Fasten and adjust the straps.

a. Chest Straps - fasten chest straps so fabric overlaps at the chest and the Freestyle Dart sits at the front of the shoulder point.

b. Leg Straps - pass the left leg strap between the hind legs and fasten to the left hand dee-ring. Cross the right leg strap through the left leg strap and fasten to the right hand dee-ring. Ensure the leg straps are adjusted so you can only fit a hand's width between each leg strap and each of your horse's thighs.

c. Surcingles - fasten belly surcingles and adjust straps to allow a hand's width between straps and belly.