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Assure® Guard is a granular, daily digestive aid for gastric health as well as hindgut support and maintenance in horses.

The importance of a healthy digestive system
So much of what we see on the horse's outside is affected by what's inside. A shiny coat, healthy body condition, and even performance levels are directly related to the horse's digestive health. This is because the digestive system performs vital functions, such as absorbing nutrients and blocking potentially harmful substances and microorganisms.

Healthy from the inside out
Assure® Guard provides nutrients to help maintain proper stomach pH, while stabilizing the gastrointestinal system to keep your horse's digestive tract normal and healthy; a difference you may see in your horse's attitude and energy levels. Assure® Guard is designed to help horses during lifestyle challenges like competition, training, transport, and feed changes. It contains calcium carbonate, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and psyllium and utilizes a unique delivery system, GST®, for reliable hindgut stabilization. An excellent choice to maintain stomach as well as colonic health and add the extra digestive support needed during times of stress.

Is your horse stressed?
A surprising number of horses suffer from stomach and other digestive upsets brought on by daily stresses. Stresses include:

  • Shipping stress
  • Confinement to pens, paddocks or stalls
  • Limited roughage
  • High grain diets
  • Limited interaction with other horses
  • Controlled exercise
  • Competition

Assure® Guard is an excellent choice that can be fed to ulcer-prone horses and hard keepers.

Exclusive Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST®)
Assure® Guard utilizes innovative GST® for maximum digestive support. GST® is a patent-pending combination of direct-fed microbials and whole blond psyllium husks. Psyllium husk is a natural fiber that absorbs water and creates a gel to cleanse the system of sand, silt, and debris as it passes through the intestinal tract. It also boosts the levels and activity of beneficial microorganisms in your horse's digestive tract and naturally maintains desired hindgut microflora and motility. In addition to GST®, Assure® Guard provides:

  • Calcium carbonate to help maintain proper stomach pH
  • MINTREX® - chelated zinc to support intestinal cell health integrity and nutrient absorption
  • Beneficial prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes to aid digestion and to support foregut and hindgut motility

Don't take chances with other products that might work, be sure with Assure®.