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Assure® is a daily digestive supplement to promote overall foregut and hindgut health in horses. In addition to supporting digestive function, it also helps manage the risks of colic and sustain gastrointestinal motility.

The importance of a healthy digestive system
So much of what we see on the horse's outside is affected by what's inside. A shiny coat, healthy body condition, and even performance levels are directly related to the horse's digestive health. This is because the digestive system performs vital functions, such as absorbing nutrients and blocking potentially harmful substances and microorganisms.

The Assure® advantage
Assure® maintains a healthy microflora balance in the horse's gastrointestinal tract for optimal feed utilization, reduced risk of colic, and for an overall healthier horse. Assure® is blended for use with all types of grain and pelleted concentrates, including those containing probiotics.

Exclusive Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST®)
Assure® contains prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes as well as psyllium seed husk and utilizes GST® for maximum digestive support. This innovative technology helps boost the levels and activity of beneficial microorganisms to maintain desired microflora and proper hindgut pH in horses.

Don't take chances with other products that might work, be sure with Assure®.