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Assure Plus® is an innovative digestive feed supplement designed to support sand and debris clearance and maximize gut health to help control the risk of digestive colic in horses.

Our advanced approach to sand clearance
Assure Plus® is a pelleted digestive aid to help support hindgut motility when challenged with various digestive disturbances. This unique formulation provides encased probiotics, prebiotics, psyllium, and enzymes to naturally support your horse's digestive system. In supporting the hindgut, it has been found that psyllium husk combined with probiotics and enzymes helps to support colonic health. Additionally, by rapidly supporting hindgut health and stabilizing motility, accumulated sand, silt, and debris can be passed in regular fecal excretions. Assure Plus® is blended for use with all types of grain and pelleted concentrates, including those containing probiotics.

Exclusive Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST®)
Assure® contains prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes as well as psyllium seed husk and utilizes GST® for maximum digestive support. This innovative technology helps boost the levels and activity of beneficial microorganisms to maintain desired microflora and proper hindgut pH in horses.

Don't take chances with other products that might work, be sure with Assure Plus®.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude protein (min)........ 4%
  • Crude fiber (max)............ 8%


        Feeding Instructions

        Assure Plus® be added directly to a horse's concentrate or grain ration. Feed daily according to horse's weight for five weeks. Discontinue feeding Assure Plus® for three weeks, then begin feeding according to horse's weight daily for one week out of every month to maintain clearance. One heaping scoop is approximately 113 grams (scoop enclosed);

        • Recommended serving per day:
        • Horses (901-1400 lbs) - 2 heaping scoops
        • Miniatures (175-350 lbs) - 0.5 scoop
        • Ponies (351-900 lbs) - 1.5 scoop
        • Draft types (>1400 lbs) - 3 scoops

        When feeding Assure Plus® with other Assure® products, feed Assure Plus® in evening, Assure® and Assure® Hoof in the morning and Assure® Guard at each meal. See product label for feeding instructions.

        As with any new feeding program or special digestive conditions, consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

        NOTE: In horses with extreme sand accumulation, discomfort due to sand irritation may occur in the first 4-7 days of initial feeding of Assure Plus®. Consult your veterinarian regarding use in horses with extreme sand accumulation. Do not begin feeding Assure Plus® to pregnant mares during the last 6 weeks of gestation or directly post-partum, if significant sand accumulation is suspected.