Baker Turn Out Blanket 400g

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WAS $235.99!

It’s just amazing how many advances have been made in the area of waterproof and breathable outerwear in the last few years. Using new technologies, we have designed this comprehensive outerwear system for the horse that is turned out on a regular basis.

There is the extremely warm blanket version that features 400 grams of Curvofil IV polyester insulation. This is certainly the warmest and most versatile winter blanket we have ever offered. Its features include gusseted shoulders, bias surcingles, elastic leg straps and a tailpiece. The outer shell is a 1,200-denier polyester rip stop fabric that can take an incredible amount of abuse while the satin smooth lining polishes the horse’s coat. A waterproof/breathable membrane bars water penetration yet allows water vapor from perspiration to pass through to the outside. The horse stays warm, dry and comfortable down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
For milder climates, or more moderate temperatures throughout the year, we also offer the sheet version of the BAKER™ TURN-OUT. The layer of insulation is omitted on this model. All other design specifications are the same. It offers tremendous versatility in cool or rainy weather.
Both versions come in sizes 68-86”. They are available in Original Plaid with navy surcingles and BAKER™ striped binding. Imported.