Silver Whinny - Sox for Horses

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Summer Whinnys® are a high tech sock. They are composed of a high quality polyester yarn, the same yarns used to make the best athletic socks known for its cooling properties and wicking moisture from the legs. The polyester yarns are embedded with silver and copper ions that will not wash out and will last the life of the socks. Silver is well known for its properties of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Copper inhibits the growth of fungus and mold. Summer Whinnys® offer a clean environment around your horse’s legs. The summer socks offer a light compression to the leg. Many have found that the socks are useful for protecting more serious bandaging, helping to hold on poultices, and a valuable tool for alleviating edema in the legs.

Available is sizes: Miniature Horse, Pony, Quarter (standard horse size), Warmblood/Thoroughbred