Fibercane Polo Mallet

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After years of research and development we finnally have a composite mallet that gives you everything you have been waiting for.  They are lighter than ever before and simply outperform canes in every way.  The average total mallet weight with a 200 gram head is 525 grams despite the molded handle being approximately 30 grams heavier than a traditional handle. That's about 70 grams lighter than the average cane shaft. This enables increased
head weights and far greater maneuverability.
The shafts made from hand laid resin impregnated composite fibers for impact strength.  The foam filled tapered tubular shaft incorporates vibration reduction technology to minimize the magnitude and frequency transmission of vibrations to the handle. This not only gives a jar free performance but decreases the likelihood of the shaft being shattered by impact. The tapered shape of the shaft also forces the flex towards the head and keeps any reverberation from reaching the handle.

Available in sizes: 51, 52, 53