Birdsall's Hoof Creme 32 Oz.

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Birdsall's Hoof Creme will give your horse a healthy supple hoof. It contains essential oil and protein, together with vitamins A, D, and E added, that help build keratin, enhance hoof growth, and nourish the corium (at the top of the hoof).

Birdsall's Hoof Creme is a non-toxic, water-based product that maintains the proper moisture balance of the hoof when used as directed. It's beneficial to the coronary band, hair and hide, and is also great for human skin and nails. Petroleum, silicone and acrylic free, it will not clog the water line. It contains a thin oil as well as antifungal and antibacterial agents that are non-toxic.

It works for horses:

  • On shavings
  • Turned out
  • During mud season
  • Plagued with hard dry feet

It helps:

  • Maintain optimal circulation
  • Relieve coronary band instability
  • Make trimming and shoeing easier
  • Relieve hoof-bound horses
  • Increase hoof strength and stability
  • Prevent rapid expansion and contraction of the hoof wall

It's easily applied:

  • Brush liberally on a clean hoof with a 2 inch brush
  • Cover top of the hoof and occasionally paint the entire hoof
  • Allow solution to soak in
  • For best results, wipe off excess from hoof wall after 3 to 5 minutes

Recommended application:

  • Use before placing horse in stall
  • In dry climates - daily
  • In humid climates - daily for the first four days, then three or four times weekly
  • For horses on shavings - daily for the first four days, then three or four times weekly
  • For horses on straw - daily
  • For muddy feet - wipe off mud and apply