Instinct Cloth Polo Helmet

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Instinct Polo Helmet – marries traditional style with the latest technology.

The two shells – a carbon inner and a specially woven impenetrable carbon composite outer provide the first layer of protection.  The aluminum honeycomb core has no recoil and it crushes uniformly absorbing and decelerating impact as it does so. This helmets is extremely light weighing only 750 grams.  The peak is removable and crushable which on impact actually cushions a fall and reduces the forces of an impact. In a moving accident the peak will detach further reducing the chances of neck injuries.  Everything inside the helmet can either be washed or wiped clean. The padded headbands come in three thicknesses and are made from a super soft sponge covered in Coolmax material. The combination of the three point harness and the rear adjuster assures and even and secure fit.