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Assure® Hoof is a feed supplement that helps maintain and optimize hoof quality by combining key active ingredients for hoof health such as biotin, methionine hydroxy analog, chelated zinc and copper, gelatin, lysine, and vitamin B6.

The importance of digestive health for strong hooves
Brittle, dry and cracked hooves and chronic laminitis can be caused by digestive imbalance. Assure® Hoof promotes hoof integrity by combining hoof strengtheners with digestive aids.

Assure® Hoof contains a proprietary blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes for maximum digestive support and health, protecting the digestive system while enhancing hoof development and appearance of coat. The benefits of Assure® Hoof include:

  • Dual action: supports hoof development and optimal digestive health
  • Provides rapid support in hoof development by supporting digestive health critical to nutritional support of the hoof
  • Maintains a balanced colonic environment

Assure® Hoof includes these essential ingredients:

  • Exclusive MINTREX® chelated trace minerals provide higher absorption of copper and zinc to help support keratin synthesis in the hoof wall
  • Biotin helps to improve the growth rate and hardness of hooves
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is essential in the metabolism of sulfur amino acids, which creates disulfide bonds to help form a strong hoof matrix
  • Gelatin, an all-natural, high-quality protein source, helps promote hoof wall strength
  • Amino acids, such as lysine and methionine hydroxy analog, are key building blocks for hooves, coat, and muscle tissue

Exclusive Gastrointestinal Stabilizing Technology (GST®)
In addition to key ingredients to promote hoof health, Assure® Hoof also contains prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes and utilizes GST® for maximum digestive support. This innovative technology helps boost the levels and activity of beneficial microorganisms to maintain desired microflora and proper hindgut pH.

Don't take chances with other products that might work, be sure with Assure® Hoof