Uvex - Sport Style 202 Race Glasses

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Extremely light cycling glasses for the active cyclist. Made from two different materials, Sportstyle 202 is a winner thanks to its sporty looks. Featuring flexible legs and adjustable nose pads, and supplied with a retention strap, the glasses fit perfectly at all times. Decentred lenses and 100% UV protection provide perfect, distortion-free vision. Sportstyle 202 are indispensable equipment for every bike ride.

100% UVA-, UVB-, UVC Protection: Uncompromising eye protection! A scratchproof filter integrated into the lense material completely protects the human eye from all harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also integrated into the frame of the eyewear.

Variomatic: Innovative technology. Light-sensitive photochromic structure pressed into the lens material automatically adapts its shade in response to the prevailing light conditions, for best vision and contrast recognition at all times.

Supravision®: Unique uvex supravision® technology provides an extremely scratchproof lens on the outside and a constantly fog-free lens on the inside. It also guarantees 100% UV protection.