Keyhole Track

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FEIK II - Keyhole Tracks - meets FEI & USEF regulations
Keyhole tracks for pinless jump cups

Here is the Keyhole track made from white heavy duty polymer. The FEIK keyhole track has 25mm holes which fits from 24mm down to 16mm pin-less jump cups which makes it universal. Made from a specialized polymer material perfect for the harsh use it will take. With the fact it is made with the strongest plastic properties, HD Polymer is considered superior to all other plastics for its impact resistance, toughness, and temperature resistance . Our Polymer can be used between -25 and 60 C (-13 and 140 F).

-(1) Keyhole Tracks 48" long

note: stainless steel screws are not included

- Material Type: a special mix of high strength polymers
- Fits: Pin-less Jump Cups with 24mm and 16mm back pins
- Installation: Can be mounted to any surface. Screws not inlcuded. Note: You will need special screws depending on the surface mounted on.
- Application: Made perfect for PVC or wood wings standards 5' or 6' High or any size (see options)
- Measurements 2.37" wide x 0.5 inch deep x 48", 10", 57" long.
- Discipline: meets FEI & USEF Jumper rules
- Color: White
- Height Increments: 2 inches
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