2-Sided Pin-Less Jump Cup

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FEIC - Competition Pin-less Jump Cup Two-sided for poles & gates (per unit)

Our Competition Pin-less Jump Cup which works great with our keyhole track system on all our jumps and most jumps/keyhole tracks in the industry.

- FEI & USEF Approved

Material Type: special mix of high-density polymers
Depth of cup: 20mm/ 0.78 inches (meets FEI & USEF Jumper rules)
Width of cup: 118 mm / 4.65 inches
Width of flat surface: 85 mm/ 3.35 inches (for gates & planks)
Height: 89 mm / 3.50 inches
Back Pins: 23mm x 20mm/ .90 inches x .79inches (Fits all 24mm Keyhole tracks) or as an extra option 17mm/ .67 inches (Necessary for all JumpsUSA jumps purchased before 10/01/12 & JumpsUSA keyhole tracks purchased before 10/01/11).
Cup side length: 82 mm/ 3.22 inches
Color: White or Black
Discipline: meets FEI & USEF Jumper rules

1 jump cup per quantity

note: This item is sold per 1 jump cup.
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