Pilla Performance - Liberty Sun Goggles

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High Performance – Multi Use

Frame weighs less than 1 ounce.

Fits under a hat perfectly.
Head Size – Medium to Large


The Liberty system provides a stylish frame design with wide temples to help prevent stray light and dust from entering the eye. The brow bar of the frame is fit with channeled air vents to exhaust air from behind the lenses and the temple hinges sport a very nice aluminum diamond hinge.


The frame is an open-edge design which allows the eye to see out the bottom of the lens with no visual disruption.

The frame is a high wrap frame using 8 base lenses. The Liberty benefits from a very large lens offering a great panoramic visual experience in the ring or in the field.


The design of the frame slides easily behind the chin strap of a hat and the high performance temple tips create solid grip over and behind the ear. The frame has no movement when riding or jumping.


The Liberty size fits a medium to large head with ease as the frame is elastic.