Professional Choice SMB Elite Boots (Front)

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Front Boots

Contoured fetlock boots prevent injury and aid rehabilitation. Durable, padded neoprene construction wraps completely around your horse's leg to protect the cannon bone, splint bone, tendons, and soft tissue. Also adds comfort and support to any preexisting injuries your horse may have. Features a nylon lining to help absorb energy  the hoof impacts the ground. Unique suspension strap stretches to allow full ankle movement but eliminates hyperextension of the fetlock as your horse moves. Includes four adjustable hook and loop straps for a secure, glove-like fit that keeps dirt away from any leg injuries. Closed-cell, limestone-based neoprene resists cracks and crumbles, is suited for use in any weather, and doesn't absorb water or harbor bacteria growth. Each package contains one right and one left boot. Please specify size and color.  Sizes: Small, Medium, or Large.  Colors: Navy, Black, Hunter, White, Burg