Tack and Accessories

Breyer® Pony Care Set

Breyer® Barrel Racing Set

Breyer® Shipping Set (Red)

Breyer® Shipping Set (Blue)

Breyer® Shipping Set (Pink)

Breyer® Horse Corral

Breyer® Chole Care For Me Vet Set

Breyer® Wood Corral

Breyer® Truck/Gooseneck

Breyer® Animal Rescue Set

Breyer® Tractor Play Set

Breyer® Red Stable w/ 2 Horses

Breyer® Small Deluxe Animal Hospital

Breyer® Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn

Breyer® Horse Cruiser

Breyer® Dog House Play Set

Breyer® Show Jump Oxer

Breyer® English Pads and Polo Wraps

Breyer® Shipping Set

Breyer® English Riding Set

Breyer® Western Riding Set

Breyer® Brush Box Jump

Breyer® Leather Halter with Lead

Breyer® English Bridle

Breyer® Dressage Bridle

Breyer® Devon Hunter Saddle

Breyer® Dressage Saddle

Breyer® Cimarron Western Pleasure Saddle

Breyer® Western Show Bridle

Breyer® Dually Truck

Breyer® Horse Trailer

Breyer® Deluxe Tack Box

Breyer® Deluxe Wood Barn with Cupola

Breyer® Wood Stable

Breyer® Rambo Blanket

Breyer® Show Grooming Set

Breyer® Back Country Camping Set

Breyer® English Riding Accessory Kit

Breyer® Summer Turn Out / Fly Sheet Set

Breyer® Traditional Polo Saddle Set