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Tackeria Bell Boots

HUSK La Irenita Sport Boot II

Small Professional's Choice Bell Boots



Medium Professional's Choice Bell Boots


Large Professional's Choice Bell Boots


Professional Choice Ballistic Overreach Bell Boots

Italian Open Front Tendon Boots

Open Front Tendon Boot Replacement Straps

Saxon Open Front Tendon Boot

Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots

Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots

Professional Choice SMB Elite Boots (Front)

Front Boots

Professional Choice SMB Elite Boots (Rear)

Rear Boots

Professional Choice SMB Elite Boots

Front/Rear Combo (4 Pack)

Professional Choice Ventech SMB Elite Boots (4 Pack)

Slide-Tec Skid Boots (Short) Vintech

Now Only

Slide-Tec Skid Boots (Standard) Vintech

WAS $105.99!


Made of tough Urethane.

Neoprene Pastern Wraps

Cordura Ice Boots

Neoprene Ice Boots

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Whirlpool Boot Single

WAS $199.99
Now Only

Whirlpool Boot Pair

WAS $429.99!
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Whirlpool Therapy Boots Set & Compressor

Portable whirlpool can be used on one leg or both legs

WAS $699.99!

Ice Horse - Big Black Boot Single

Boot Size Shoe Size Sole Width Sole Length*
Small 00-1 up to 5.5 in/ 14 cm up to 6.5 in/ 17 cm
Medium 2-3 up to 6.25 in/ 16 cm up to 6.75 in/ 17.5 cm
Large 4-5 up to 6.75 in/ 17.25 cm up to 7.5 in/ 19.5 cm
*Measure from heel to toe; do not include bulb.

Davis - Barrier Boot

Davis - Horse Boot

Old Mac - Multi-purpose Horse Boots

Dura Kold 3 Panel Short Ice Wrap

Dura Kold 4 Panel Short Ice

Dura Kold 4 Panel Long Ice Wrap

Dura Kold Hock or Akle Ice

Josey Pro Kold Kit

Dura Kold 4 Panel Long Insert

ICE HORSE™ Suspensory - Low Knee to Pastern/Fetlock Compression Wraps

ICE HORSE ™ Hock Wrap

ICE HORSE ™ Big Black Boot with Polymer Shoe

Neoprene Ice Boots

Hoof Savers

EquiFit T-Boot Luxe - Front, Brown

Now Only

EquiFit T-Boot Luxe - Hind, Brown

WAS $309.99!

EquiFit T-Boot XCEL - Short

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap - White, Horse

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap - Black, Horse

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap - White, Pony

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap - Black, Pony

EquiFit T-Boot XCEL - Tall

EquiFit T- Foam Bandage Liners - Front

EquiFit T-Foam Bandage Liners - Hind

EquiFit T-Foam Weighted Liners (T-Boot Xcel, Tall)