Cold Therapy

Dura Kold 3 Panel Short Ice Wrap

Dura Kold 4 Panel Short Ice

Dura Kold 4 Panel Long Ice Wrap

Dura Kold Hock or Akle Ice

Josey Pro Kold Kit

Dura Kold 4 Panel Long Insert

Cordura Ice Boots

Ice Horse - Tendon Wrap Single

Ice Horse - Tendon Wrap Pair

Ice Horse - Replacement Packs

Ice Horse - Hock Boot Single

Ice Horse - Big Black Boot Single

Boot Size Shoe Size Sole Width Sole Length*
Small 00-1 up to 5.5 in/ 14 cm up to 6.5 in/ 17 cm
Medium 2-3 up to 6.25 in/ 16 cm up to 6.75 in/ 17.5 cm
Large 4-5 up to 6.75 in/ 17.25 cm up to 7.5 in/ 19.5 cm
*Measure from heel to toe; do not include bulb.

Neoprene Ice Boots

Now Only

Whirlpool Boot Single

WAS $199.99
Now Only

Whirlpool Boot Pair

WAS $429.99!
Now Only

Whirlpool Therapy Boots Set & Compressor

Portable whirlpool can be used on one leg or both legs

WAS $699.99!

Gel Compression Tendon Boot

Gel Compression Hock Boot

Gel Compression Knee Boot

Now Only

Ice-Vibe Tendon Boots (Pair)

WAS $291.99!

Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap (Pair)

Ice-Vibe Knee Boots (Pair)

Ice-Vibe Cold Pack (Pair)